Powerful Scheduling.

We use a rule based system for scheduling content, think of it like when you set rules on your calendar. You can combine rules to show specific content at specific times or to create looping playlists, whatever your needs.

How do rules work?.

Rules are used to determine when content plays on your screens, use them to create static content, playlists or advanced content scheduling.

Static Content

If you want to show nothing other than a single content item that never changes, you need only one rule.

Looping Playlist

If you want to create a looping playlist, there's not much you have to do. Just create a rule and ensure that X is unchecked and a duration is set.

Create a second rule and any additional rules for more content you want to loop through.

Once you're happy with your content you may want to tweak the order in which one comes after the other. To do this, drag rules to reorder them in the sequence.

You now have a looping content sequence.

Advanced Rules

Let's say you run a bar and every Thursday at 6PM you run a happy hour special. You might want to show a promotion but only at that specific time. That's where advanced rules come in.

In this example we've enabled 'advanced settings'. We've set our content to start on the Thursday coming up at 6PM.

We've set it to run for an hour (note: you must set the duration in seconds, we may allow other units of time in the future, but for now everything is set in seconds).

We've checked that it repeats and set to every week.

This means our happy hour promotion will run for 1 hour every Thursday at 6PM.

Generally you can achieve any sort of specific scheduling using the advanced settings.

And that's all there is to scheduling.

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Copyright © 2024 Luna Screens.
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