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Does your device run Chrome? Run our tech in the browser. Please note, as different browsers can differ drastically in experience, we only officially support Chrome. Use other browsers at your own risk.

How to Install?.

Setup your browser

To turn your browser into a web player it's very simple. Just visit the URL https://player.lunascreens.com.

The player will load automatically and ask you to enter a pairing code. That's all you need to do. But if you'd like to know how to setup your account and link it to your player then follow the next steps.

Create an Account

On your phone or computer, visit the Luna Screens web app (https://app.lunascreens.com/).

Enter your email address and hit 'Go'

You will now be sent the 'keys' to your account. To keep things very secure we never ask you for a password, instead you login via your email. Login to your email client and tap the link you see in the email, this will log you in.

If for any reason you have trouble clicking the link, you can always use the code at the bottom of the email instead.

Create a Screen

Now you're on your account. You need to pair a screen. Tap 'Pair New Screen' and follow the on screen steps.

Give your new screen a useful name, and optionally provide a description, then hit 'Create'.

Pair it

The last step is pairing your new screen. You should see a pairing code on your web browser.

As you read it out, type it into the platform, when you're done hit 'Finish'.

Note: the code might change as you are typing it in, this is for security reasons, if this happens just delete what you've entered so far and enter the new code.

We've had reports that some system browsers don't keep hold of their session when restarted, to test this out, restart your browser or device and if it goes back to the pairing screen then unfortunately your browser is not keeping hold of its session. To avoid this make sure you aren't running in any sort of private or incognito mode, but if it persists then you may have to run with a different hardware choice.

That's it

You've now set up your digital sign, you'll see some sample content on your display.

Check out some of the other articles to learn how to schedule content and use the web platform.

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ABN: 12 643 738 890
Copyright © 2024 Luna Screens. All Rights Reserved. Privacy policy
Copyright © 2024 Luna Screens.
All Rights Reserved. Privacy policy