25 Innovative Ways to Use Digital Signage in Fitness Centres

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Screens draw interest and engage audiences. This is why digital signage is such a powerful advertising tool capable of boosting any business.

There’s so much digital signage can do for your fitness centre to take the business to the next level. Use cases of digital signage in fitness centres range from communication and advertising to education and entertainment.

In this article, we’ll explore 25 specific ways to use digital signage technology in facilities built around fitness. These include:

1. Showcase workout guides

People come to the gym to learn how to work out and improve their fitness levels. So, an excellent use of digital signage in gyms and fitness centres is showing workout routines.

Exercise routine videos will guide members on proper exercise techniques, forms, and routines. When implementing this, showcase a variety of exercises so members can discover new things to keep their workouts interesting and challenging.

2. Feature stretching and warmup videos

Stretching is necessary before and after exercises, as it improves flexibility and enhances performance. However, gym goers often neglect it because they don’t know its importance or how to do it properly. 

Thus, use digital signage to educate your members about stretching. Play videos showing the proper way and duration of stretches.

3. Provide gym tours

People new to your gym or fitness centre may not know where specific amenities are. Therefore, use your screens to empower them with a virtual tour of your facility.

Create simple video content that takes visitors through your gym. Let the video take them from the entrance to the reception area and then to the different workout zones in the facility (like areas for cardio training, strength training zone, etc.). Show the changing areas, showers, convenience, cafe, etc. 

4. Show training equipment details

One of the first things people see when they enter your gym or fitness centre is your training equipment. The equipment you have can generate interest in your gym.

So, entice people by promoting your equipment with digital signs around your facility. Provide information about each piece of training equipment, including how it works and its benefits. This can help members get the most out of their workouts.

5. Highlight new equipment additions or upgrades

Acquiring new fitness equipment demonstrates your commitment to providing more value to your members. This can make your gym or fitness centre more desirable, as new equipment keeps the place fresh and exciting for members.

Thus, if you acquire new fitness equipment, use your digital displays to spread the word. Showcase the new addition in all its glory using high-quality imagery on your screens and highlight how it’ll benefit users. 

6. Display class schedules

These days, fitness centres offer many courses/ classes, like aerobics classes, strength training classes, mind-body classes (yoga), etc.

How do your visitors know what is available? Well, don’t wait for them to ask.

Display real-time schedules and timetables (including class names, times, and instructors) for your fitness classes on digital screens in the fitness centre. This provides higher visibility for your classes and can make members sign up for more sessions. 

7. Promote upcoming events

Is your gym or fitness centre planning a special event (like a fitness challenge, a yoga retreat, or a nutrition seminar)? Use your digital displays to advertise it and encourage members to participate.

This can increase interest in the event and make more people join.

8. Welcome guests and members

Having digital signage in your gym reception can help you make an excellent first impression and win over new clients. Use the screens to create a welcoming atmosphere by displaying warm and friendly welcome messages.

Seize the opportunity to showcase your gym’s brand identity and highlight your values, mission, and key achievements. It’s also a good place to show positive testimonials and members’ before-and-after success stories.

9. Incorporate staff introductions

One way to make your fitness centre more enjoyable is to familiarise members with your staff and personal trainers. This is because members are more likely to feel comfortable approaching and interacting with staff when they know more about them.

Digital signage helps you provide information about your staff efficiently. Use your screens to show pictures of each staff member, their specific role, achievements, and the specialised services they offer. 

This helps your members learn about your staff without taking up additional staff time.

10. Share health and fitness tips

Gym members care about their health. It’s why they come to a fitness centre in the first place. For this reason, giving them extra tips about improving their overall well-being can have a colossal impact on their experience.

So, you can use gym digital signage screens to share health tips, such as stretching reminders, hydration tips, nutrition tips, etc.

11. Show diet charts

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not limited to hitting the gym. Nutrition plays a significant role. You can provide more value to your members by using digital signage to provide clear nutritional guidance. 

Use your screens to display diet charts (nutritional plans or meal suggestions) for specific fitness objectives. This will empower your members to make informed decisions about their dietary choices and improve their fitness journey.

12. Celebrate members’ milestones

One of the best ways to create a positive and supportive environment for your gym members is to celebrate their milestones. Such recognition helps members appreciate their hard work and progress and motivates them to continue their fitness journey.

Celebrating members before everyone by showcasing their success stories on your gym’s digital signage screens can be even more motivating.

13. Promote membership specials 

You can use your digital screens to promote offers aimed at attracting new members or retaining existing ones. Are you offering discounted memberships, initiation fee waivers, bundle packages, family/group discounts, referral incentives, etc.?

Whatever you have that will help members save costs, showcase it on your digital screens. This will give your offers increased visibility and increase their chance of success.

14. Promote your products

Most gyms and fitness centres sell fitness-related products to boost revenue. These include fitness accessories (resistance bands, workout gloves, yoga mat etc), gym bags, fitness apparel, footwear, water bottles, electrolyte drinks, etc. 

If your fitness centre has product offerings, you can promote them on your digital screens. 

15. Advertise for other businesses or sponsors

Advertising can generate extra revenue for your business. If your members are the target audience of local businesses, your digital screens can be ad space for these businesses.

Use your digital screens to promote advertisers’ products or services for a fee. However, ensure the products/ services you promote are related to fitness or interest your members.

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16. Show real-time leaderboards of fitness challenges

As you may already know, fitness challenges can make a gym a more exciting and motivating place to work out. Using signage screens to show leaderboards can make the atmosphere even more exciting and motivating.

Members will regularly check in to see updates on the leaderboard. And this sustained engagement will keep them invested in the challenge and the gym environment.

17. Display motivational quotes

Registering for a fitness program and sticking to a regular workout routine is no easy feat. Sometimes, motivational content can be the difference between stopping and sticking to fitness goals.

Motivational quotes inspire gym goers, giving them the mental encouragement to commit to their fitness program. So, you can use your screens to display motivational quotes. 

Yes, a catchy “Excuses don’t burn calories” quote on your screens can work wonders for many gym goers.

18. Showcase social media feeds

The best advertisement is not the one you put out but the one users of your service put out. This is why people read reviews about a product before buying it. Therefore, if your fitness centre has positive reviews on social media, import them to your digital screens.

You can use social media integration to boost engagement. Simply encourage members to post fitness achievements and testimonials using specific hashtags for a chance to be featured on your digital screens.

However, when importing posts from your social media channels to your digital displays, it is wise to filter them to remove troll and profane content.

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19. Tell your brand story

One of the best ways to create an emotional connection with customers is to share your brand story. This is because a narrative that communicates a brand’s history, values, and mission builds trust by showcasing its authenticity.

So, display a compelling story about your fitness centre on your digital signage screens. This can make your members feel they belong to something larger than a fitness centre, which can make them loyal.

20. Play entertainment videos

Entertainment videos add an enjoyable element to the gym experience, making workouts fun and enjoyable for members. And people are more likely to commit to your fitness program if the gym environment is fun and entertaining.

You can use digital signage to create a fun and entertaining environment for your fitness enthusiasts. Play entertainment videos like TV shows, movies, and music videos.

21. Display live news

Virtually everyone wants to stay informed on socio-political, economic, and current news. So, use digital screens to display live news. This helps your members stay informed about the world around them without having to leave the fitness centre.

Live news content can serve as entertainment, keeping members engaged and making their gym experience more enjoyable.

22. Feature weather updates

You may already know that some people check weather forecasts multiple times daily, even when not planning any outdoor activity. Our innate desire for control and predictability makes us crave the reassurance of knowing what the sky has in store for us.

Give your gym members that control by displaying weather updates on your digital screens. Weather update content also keeps gym members engaged, as it creates a more interactive and responsive environment within your fitness centre.

23. Share gym do’s and don’ts

Your gym-goers need to be aware of proper form, proper equipment usage, and safety protocols to minimise the risk of accidents, injuries, and equipment misuse.

Organise these in simple and easily digestible do’s and don’ts, and use your digital signage screens to communicate them to your members. 

For example, use the screens to remind members of appropriate gym wear or advise against reserving equipment during peak hours.

24. Communicate emergency information

When individuals are aware of procedures to follow during emergencies, there will be less confusion when incidents occur. They are more likely to react calmly and follow appropriate procedures, reducing the risk of injury and harm.

So, as a gym owner concerned about members’ safety, use digital signage to communicate emergency information (such as emergency procedures and evacuation routes). 

Since digital signs easily catch people’s eyes, showing this information on digital displays ensures your members see them.

25. Convert passersby with outdoor signage

Digital signage should not target only people who enter your gym or fitness centre. You can put digital screens or digital kiosks outside the gym to let passersby know of your state-of-the-art fitness equipment, amazing membership deals, and inspiring members’ success stories.

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