Core Features.

Here's a quick run down of some of our core features.

Powerful Scheduling

We support scheduling for any scenario. Whether that be showing a breakfast, lunch, dinner menu or scheduling a one off happy birthday message for your colleague.

Offline Support

Got a patchy internet connection? Not an issue. If the internet connection is lost, screens will continue playing their last known content. Have the confidence in knowing your screens are always displaying content pertinent to your customers.


We have rich integrations for creating content or for working with third party software. Whether that be social walls, content templates or even a Google Slides document. And we're always working on adding more. Want to see a particular integration? Reach out and we'll add it for you.

Multi-File Support

Bring all your content with you. Upload any format for your images and videos and we automatically optimise it to work flawlessly on your displays.

Auto Start On Boot

Enable auto boot and the signage app will start up as soon as you turn on your displays. Keep things simple and save time getting up and running at the start of your day.


Combine any items in your media library into a succinct playlist. Rotate through those mouth watering food promos or interlace your regular content with sales offers.


If you don't have content yet, no problem, use our template library as a starting point for getting great looking content on your screen quickly. Just pick one you like and edit it to suit your business.

Orientation & Cropping

Mount your screens in portrait and rotate your display through the platform so that its the right way up for your customers.


Want to show your website on your screens? Not a problem, just add the URL. Pair this with our crop feature if you want to hide the nav menu or only show a small section of your website.

Automatic Updates

We seamlessly roll out product updates and improvements. There's nothing needed from your side. Effortlessly stay up to date.

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Hobart, TAS, Australia
ABN: 12 643 738 890
Copyright © 2024 Luna Screens. All Rights Reserved. Privacy policy
Copyright © 2024 Luna Screens.
All Rights Reserved. Privacy policy