How to Transform Sony Bravia Android TV into Powerful Digital Signage

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As visual beings, humans love looking at digital screens. So, using digital signage screens to display promotional ads is an effective way to capture people’s attention and convince them about your offerings.

That said, to drive sales and boost your business, you should consider implementing digital signage. Thankfully, you can transform your regular TV screen into powerful digital signage to reduce the cost of implementation.

This article will examine how to turn the Sony Bravia Android TV into a powerful tool for multimedia digital signage. 

Is Sony Bravia Android TV suitable for digital signage?

Sony Bravia Android TV is suitable for digital signage. It is even more suitable for digital signage than many of the regular TVs around because it is a smart TV with a built-in media player.

Sony Bravia Android TV is a smart TV that runs on the Android operating system (OS) from Google.

The Sony Bravia Android TV's Android OS has an intuitive user interface (UI) similar to Android on smartphones. 

It features a customizable home screen with rows of content recommendations and apps. The Android OS gives the Sony Bravia TV access to the Google Play Store, allowing users to download apps and stream content directly onto the TV.

The Sony Bravia Android TV lets users directly access and play digital content because it has a built-in media player. 

A digital signage system comprises three main components: the display (screen), digital signage software, and a media player. The media player is responsible for displaying the digital signage content on a digital screen. After organising the content using the digital signage system, the media player receives instructions from the software and renders the content on the screen.

Thus, when implementing digital signage, you’ll need reliable digital signage software, a digital signage display (screen), and a media player. However, when using screens that come with built-in media players (like smart TVs), you do not need an external digital media player.

In summary, Sony Bravia Android TVs are suitable for digital signage because they are smart TVs with built-in Android digital signage players that can run digital signage content on the screen.

However, using the Sony Bravia Android TV for digital signage comes with some limitations, such as: 

  • Unsuitable for outdoor digital signage: The Sony Bravia professional displays have high picture quality, but they are designed for indoor use. So, they do not have the brightness levels of commercial displays. Thus, in brightly lit environments and outdoors, the content displayed on the screen may struggle to maintain visibility.

  • Unsuitable for round-the-clock digital signage: Being a regular TV, the Sony Bravia Android TV is not designed to be kept on all day. It simply lacks the durability and robustness needed to withstand the rigours of 24/7 operation. So, if you use your Sony Bravia Android TV as digital signage you’ll keep on all day, it may break down sooner than expected.

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Steps to transform Sony Bravia Android TV into powerful digital signage

Now that we know that the Sony Bravia Android TV is suitable for digital signage, let’s look at how to transform the smart TV into digital signage.

Transforming your Sony Bravia smart TV into digital signage requires the following:

Hardware setup

Because the Sony Bravia Android TV is a smart TV with an in-built media player, the hardware setup stage will only involve mounting the TV, powering it on, and connecting any additional peripherals.

Connecting a TV with a suitable media player is usually the main step in the hardware setup stage when transforming a TV into digital signage. But this is when working with non-smart TV brands.

Since the Sony Bravia Android TV is a smart TV with an in-built media player, connecting an external Android digital signage player (or Android TV boxes) to it is unnecessary. So, in this hardware setup step, all you need to do is power on your TV.

First, ensure the TV is securely mounted on a wall or stand. Next, connect the TV’s power cable to a reliable power source, then power on the television.

Depending on your digital signage setup, you may need to connect additional peripherals to the smart TV. This could include USB drives for content storage or external speakers for audio playback.

Network connection

After powering your smart TV, the next step in transforming it into digital signage is to connect it to the Internet, as you need an internet connection to access online resources.

Specifically, to transform a smart TV into digital signage, you’ll need to download digital signage software onto the TV. And an internet connection is required for this.

Also, after the digital signage software is installed, it may need updates to ensure optimal performance and security. An internet connection allows the software to receive the necessary updates to keep it up-to-date and functioning properly.

So, after powering the Sony Bravia Android TV, connect it to your network to enable internet access. You can use either a wired Ethernet connection or a WiFi network.

To connect the Sony Bravia smart TV to the internet, go to network settings and select the type of internet connection you will use (wired Ethernet or wireless WiFi). 

If you choose WiFi, you’ll need to search for available networks and enter the credentials for your WiFi network. Once the network settings are configured, the television will attempt to connect to the internet.

Digital signage software installation

After connecting your Sony Bravia smart TV to the internet, the next step is to install digital signage software on the television, providing the functionality to create and manage content effectively.

Digital signage software is the brain of a digital signage system, as it provides the necessary tools and functionalities to create, manage, and display content effectively.

Thus, at this stage of transforming Android smart TVs into digital signage screens, it’s important to choose a high-quality and reliable digital signage software application (like Luna Screens).

Another important consideration when choosing digital signage software is OS compatibility. While digital signage applications support only a specific OS, smart TVs run on different operating systems.

For example, while Android smart TVs run on Android operating system, LG smart TVs run on WebOS, Samsung smart TVs run on Samsung Tizen, and Apple smart TVs run on iOS. 

Luna Screens is compatible with several operating systems, including Android OS. So, it is perfect for transforming any other Android device, including the Sony Bravia smart TV, into digital signage. Also, it’s easy to install.

Use the remote control to navigate to the Google Play Store on your Sony Bravia Android TV. Then, use the search function to look for Luna Screens. When it appears, click to download and install it.

Software configuration

After installing Luna Screens on your Sony Bravia Android TV, the next step is to configure the software, which involves setting it up to ensure it functions effectively and meets the requirements of your digital signage deployment.

To configure Luna Screens on your smart TV, launch Luna Screens from the television’s app menu. 

Next, register for a free account. Hit the signup button and follow the on-screen prompts by providing the required information. If you already have an account, sign in with your email address.

The next step is to pair your screen with Luna Screens. To do this, go to the Luna Screens dashboard and click “+ Create New Screen.”

Enter a name and description for your screen and click “+ Create New Screen.”

Then, click “Pair Now” in the next window.

Next, enter the pairing code shown on the TV and click “+ Finish Pairing.”

Pairing your smart TV with Luna Screens works similarly to pairing two devices using Bluetooth. Once you’ve paired your screen, you can now begin to create the content you want to display.

Content creation

After installing and configuring the digital signage software, you’ve practically transformed your Sony Bravia Android TV into digital signage. The next step is to give the system the digital content you want to display to your target audience.

If you already have high-quality content for your digital signage, import the files to the content management system of the software application. There, you can organise the content to publish immediately or schedule it for publishing later.

If you do not have content, you can create some using your digital signage software. This is one area where Luna Screens shines. 

Luna Screens makes it easy to create visually appealing digital signage content. It comes with many pre-designed templates that you can easily customise to create professional-looking content.

After you choose a template, it loads in the editor, where you can easily edit its colours, fonts, and images and add elements like your business logo. 

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Takeaway: Transform your Sony Bravia Android TV into powerful digital signage with Luna Screens

Digital signage offers a unique business growth opportunity. It is extremely effective in capturing and holding viewers' attention, allowing you to deliver your marketing message.

One way to reduce costs when implementing digital signage is to transform your regular TVs into digital signage screens. The Sony Bravia Android TV is a smart TV you can transform into digital signage. It is suitable for digital signage as long as you use it indoors and do not keep it on all day.

With the steps discussed above, you can transform your Sony Bravia Android TV into digital signage. However, to convert any smart TV into digital signage, you need a reliable digital signage solution. This is where Luna Screens comes in!

Luna Screens is compatible with Android OS, making it perfect for transforming Sony Bravia Android TVs into digital signage.

It is easy to use; even people with zero technical experience can use its simple drag-and-drop editor to create astonishingly beautiful content for digital signage screens. It’s also super-reliable, its uptime is second to none. 

With Luna Screens powering your digital signage network, instances of unexpected glitches are reduced to the barest minimum. You can be sure that your signage system will be up and running, beaming your message to your audience whenever it should.

Ready to transform your Sony Bravia Android TVs into digital signage to help you connect better with your target audience? Get Started with Luna Screens today!

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