Guide to Using Your Samsung Smart TV for Digital Signage

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Digital signage is everywhere. From airports and hotels to restaurants, banks, and retail stores, it helps businesses communicate their messages. 

Using smart TVs as a digital signage solution in your business can be the perfect approach to capture attention and connect with your target audience. 

Among smart TVs, Samsung TVs are well known for surpassing other brands in delivering best-in-class ultra-high resolution, intelligent upscaling, and rich, flawless colours—all in a slim design. 

Samsung displays let you capture your customer's attention by providing a clear picture and showcasing lifelike images with intricate detail.

Samsung Smart TVs not only deliver an image with virtually flawless clarity but are also designed to maintain their exceptional picture quality even when exposed to direct sunlight. 

So, when integrated with digital signage software, you can deliver impossible-to-ignore messages around the clock in your retail spaces, corporate boardrooms, restaurants, and more.

In this article, we'll explore how you can use your Samsung smart TV for digital signage, creating attractive promotional content.

Overview of Samsung Smart TVs for digital signage

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global digital signage market is projected to grow to over $35 billion by 2026. 

Along with the industry’s substantial growth, Samsung Electronics, with its unrivalled technology, has maintained its position as the leading LCD signage brand for 14 consecutive years.  

This dominance in the market highlights Samsung’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital signage technology and innovation.

As the role of digital signage continues to evolve exponentially over the last decade, use cases have extended far beyond the standard industries and spaces, from quick-serve restaurants, drive-throughs, and schools to digital out-of-home (DOOH) locations like stadiums and malls.

Along with this growth in use cases, Samsung has continued to play a pivotal role in this evolution, offering advanced immersion and versatility with its smart TVs. 

As the world’s largest single purveyor of digital signage screens, Samsung offers everything from cutting-edge displays that cover whole walls to flatscreen TVs with or without built-in streaming functionality. 

Its high-quality displays let you capture your customer’s attention with an incredibly clear picture and showcase your brand message with intricate detail.

Besides delivering flawless images, Samsung smart TVs are also designed to maintain exceptional picture quality even when exposed to direct sunlight. 

Using such a powerful system with compatible digital signage software can help you deliver captivating messages around the clock on your business premises.

If you are planning to get a Samsung smart TV for your digital signage needs, the following are some reasons why it truly stands out for digital signage:

  • Easy setup. No technical expertise is required. Simply connect your Samsung Smart TV to the internet and download the compatible digital signage app.

  • Remote management. You can use your connected digital signage solution to update content, playlists, and schedules for displays from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Cost-effective. Leverage existing hardware instead of investing in expensive commercial displays.

  • Flexibility. Showcase a variety of content formats, including images, videos, text, and even interactive elements.

  • Adaptability. Adapts to your needs for frequent use.

How to use your Samsung smart TV for digital signage

Ready to transform your Samsung Smart TV into a dynamic digital signage display? Follow the simple step-by-step guide below:

1. Choose the right Samsung smart TV

When selecting a Samsung Smart TV for digital signage, make sure it has the right screen size and resolution to work with most digital signage software.

Regarding screen size, most businesses will require a minimum of 55-inch TV size.

Also, when selecting, ensure that your smart TV meets your business needs and budget. Thankfully, Samsung offers a wide range of options. 

A Samsung smart TV can deliver on your budget and is powerful enough to support frequent use. Consider purchasing the latest Samsung smart TV models.

Models like Samsung’s Pro TVs come in screen sizes ranging from 43” to 75”. They have stunning Crystal UHD 4K picture quality (four times better than full HD and with more accurate colours) and a built-in player. These digital sign displays are designed for near-constant use and are reliable, attractive, and high-quality.

Samsung Pro TV displays typically cost around $600 (55” screen) and $1300 (75” screen).

Most Samsung smart TVs come with an in-built media player, so purchasing a digital signage player will not be necessary.  

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2. Set up your Samsung smart TV

Once you've chosen the right Samsung Smart TV for your business, the next step is to set it up for digital signage. Connect the TV to a high-speed internet source (Wi-Fi or Ethernet).

3. Software configuration

Digital signage software successfully turns your Samsung smart TV into a dynamic signage display screen. Every software application requires some standard steps for the software setup. However, some granular details may vary.

When finding the right configuration software, consider opting for one that is hardware-neutral. Luna Screens is hardware-neutral and compatible with Android and ChromeOS. 

The latest Samsung Smart TVs are built-in with Tizen OS, which Luna Screens does not yet support. Older models run on Android OS. 

If you have an older model Samsung smart TV that is Android or ChromeOS powered, go to the Google Play Store and proceed to download Luna Screens.

If you don’t know what OS powers your TV, refer to its user manual or do a quick online search on its model number to see if it supports the Play Store.

That said, to manage your Samsung TV screens, you can start the configuration process by registering with the compatible digital signage software.

The next step is to install it on your device. Once installed, you can log in to your account. After signing up and logging in, you will be able to access your content management system’s dashboard to customise and schedule content creation and display.

*(Please understand that not all Samsung Smart TVs support Google Play. Refer to your TV user manual or do a quick online search on its model number to see if it supports the Play Store.)

4. Pair your TV with the content management system (CMS)

Once your software has been installed on your Samsung smart TV, it transforms into digital signage. However, before you can begin publishing the content, you must pair your smart TV with content management software.

The content management system is a dashboard through which you can create, edit, schedule, and post content to your Samsung TV for display.

Some digital signage software companies, including Luna Screens, host their content management systems in the cloud. This implies that you can connect to a website portal using your user ID and password and view your CMS dashboard anywhere.

Once you are logged in to your CMS dashboard, you can pair your TV screen and start creating content to publish on your TV-turned-digital signage.

Create content for your Samsung smart TV to display

There are many ways and tools available to create promotional content and designs. You can use external graphic design tools like Canva. 

However, if you dont know how to use tools like Canva or create catchy creative copies for your displays, Some digital signage solutions, including Luna Screens, offer its users multiple ways to create and publish designs with its editable templates.

Here, let’s show you how:

Go to the App dashboard. When creating new media, choose ‘Design.’

When you click ‘Design,’ all the available pre-built designs will be in view. Next, choose a design that suits your needs.

After picking a design you like, you can modify the text, images, or colours to perfectly match your brand.

Next, showcase your new content on your smart TV!

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5. Manage screens

At this point, you are ready to start publishing content on your TV-turned-digital signage. If you already have content prepared for your TV ad dashboard, import those files & create a visually captivating composition that you can publish now or schedule for later. 

To add your media content, you’ll find the media library on the left (top on mobile). Add and manage all your files here.

But as we mentioned, if you don’t have content yet for your TV screen, Luna Screens can provide you with predesigned templates that you can easily customise, including the text, colours, font, and images to match your needs.

You can also sync this content to and from Luna Screens cloud servers, allowing you to control the messages you display on the TVs. Under each screen, you can create rules that easily configure the schedule for your content. 

These can be simple static and looping playlists or more advanced scenarios that need to show content only at specific hours of the day.

See a step-by-step breakdown here.

Furthermore, each screen has a running timeline that shows how you have configured your content and gives you a real-time preview of what’s playing and coming up.

No matter where you are, as long as you have a device connected to the internet, you can always manage or control the content on display on one or more screens. 

Takeaway: Unleash the power of digital signage with your Samsung Smart TV 

Samsung smart TVs are among the most powerful smart TVs for digital signage. They come with many features that make using them for digital signage effortless.

A Samsung smart TV lets you engage your customers and employees and promote your services with crystal-clear resolution, intelligent upscaling, and rich, flawless, colourful displays.

Connecting your Samsung smart TV with digital signage software becomes a powerful dynamic content delivery system, unlocking multiple opportunities and benefits, including cost-effectiveness, quicker setup, flexibility, and more targeted reach.

Although Luna Screens has yet to support the latest Samsung smart TV models, older models running on Android can be paired.

Are you ready to embrace the power of digital signage and create unforgettable experiences that will keep your audience coming back for more?

Sign up for free on Luna Screens today, and create your first content within seconds.

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