Boost Retail Presence: 11 Unique Digital Signage Ideas for Hair Salons

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Does your hair salon merely say ‘Open for business’ on a static sign? If it does, you are doing your business a great injustice. 

Digital signage offers a new approach to helping salon businesses attract more customers and boost their retail presence. 

According to a recent study, salons that implemented digital signage saw an average traffic growth of 33% and a 24% increase in product sales. Electronic displays within a salon can help showcase your products and services, tutorials, and customer testimonials. 

You can engage your customers, enhance ambience, and streamline communication, offering a dynamic alternative to traditional posters and printed advertisements.

If you want to boost your salon’s retail presence and stand out in the beauty industry, implementing the ideas we shared in this piece will help you reap the benefits of integrating digital signage into your beauty establishment.

Let’s dive in! 

1. Showcase your services with engaging visuals

An amazing in-store marketing strategy for beauty salons using digital signage is to display their salon services visually appealingly on these screens. Think of before-and-after looks that your salon has performed for past clients. 

From haircut and styling options to speciality treatments like hair colouring and keratin treatments, your fantastic work will dazzle clients who enter your salon. 

When people see the great job you have done, they will be much more likely to want to get the same or similar work done for them. Upon entering your beauty shop and seeing the digital displays, they might come in for one thing and decide they want multiple things done.

Furthermore, showcasing your great work highlights the skill of your stylists and the quality of your services, which helps clients build trust in you. 

2. Advertise your complete range of products and services 

Remember, people can’t buy what they don’t know exists. If your hair and beauty salon specialises in extensions, use your digital signage system to inform people about your products and services.   

Do you sell complementary products like shampoos or nail conditioning lotions? Promote these products and services on your display screens. If you don’t have the budget for a video wall, a Smart TV will do the job perfectly.

You can also use a digital menu board that details everything, including the price, so people can choose everything they want the same way they would at an eatery. 

Advertising these products can be hugely profitable in a salon, so make sure they know about the products and services you offer using captivating visuals and copies in your digital signage. 

3. Promote special offers and discounts

Digital signage is a fantastic way to entice customers by displaying eye-catching special offers, discounts, and new products you might be trying to upsell. 

Since it is highly dynamic, you can easily determine the when, how, and frequency of promotion of the goods or services you want to promote.

This dynamic capability is one prominent advantage it has over a static sign. Think about it: if you were to promote different goods and services today, you would have to change the sign, which would be costly and ineffective.

However, with digital signage, you can easily update the new product or service with no time lapse and from any location if you are using cloud-based software like Luna Screens

Whether a discounted haircut for new clients or a limited-time promotion on hair care products, digital signage for salons can help you grab attention and drive sales.

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4. Share tips and trends

Position your salon as a trusted authority in hair care by sharing styling tips, trends, and advice through digital signage. Sharing tips on washing, conditioning, styling, and protecting hair from damage can help customers achieve healthier, more vibrant hair between salon visits. 

By keeping your customers informed about the latest hair trends, maintenance tips, and product recommendations, you encourage them to patronise you more and speak favourably about your services with their friends and family who may soon be between salon visits.

5. Feature staff profiles and bios

Introduce customers to your talented team of stylists on digital signage screens. This could include shout-outs to stylists performing well to something more informational and intimate, like their profiles and bios.

You could have a playlist of your stylists’ pictures, credentials, and a blurb about why they got into the beauty business. This can help your clients connect with your employees on a more personal level and encourage appointment booking with their preferred stylist.

6. Highlight customer testimonials

Customers look to their hair consultants for advice on style and grooming. Use your hair salon's digital signage to display testimonials and reviews in a visually appealing format, along with before-and-after photos, to demonstrate the transformative power of your salon’s services. 

Showcase staff qualifications and awards. You can build trust and increase your retail presence by displaying customer testimonials and your best reviews. 

7. Offer virtual consultations and appointments

Make it convenient for customers to book appointments and consultations by offering virtual booking options through digital signage. 

You can do this by providing QR codes on your salon's digital signage, media ads, mailers and brochures, business cards, flyers, gift cards, and even in your front window. 

This will help create a fast and frictionless booking process that clients can complete anytime. 

Removing steps, friction points, and moments of hesitation in the booking process is essential to boosting retail presence.   

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8. Enhance with a digital menu board

When most people hear “digital menu board,” what comes to mind is a restaurant. Restaurants have extensively used digital menu boards to display food, entertain customers, and reduce perceived wait times. 

However, many salon business owners don’t know this strategy can also work wonders for their beauty salon or barber shop businesses. When customers enter your business premises, they can be presented with a display screen outlining all of your services and prices. 

Using dynamic digital signage solutions like Luna Screens, you can customise the digital display style to match your salon’s aesthetic and vibe perfectly. You can use our editable content template and add catchy images and videos of your great work.

Customers who visit your salon will find this display professional and engaging. As they see your various services and products through pictures or videos, they are more likely to purchase more items and services from you.

They are more likely to tell others about your shop, which helps increase your retail presence and maximise the profit you can make with each customer. 

Furthermore, remember, no one likes waiting around. A digital menu board can significantly improve your customer’s experience by reducing perceived wait times and sharing how long they might have to wait before they get served.

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9. Collaborate with local businesses

Enhance your salon’s community presence by collaborating with local businesses that may be interested in reaching your audiences. 

When you feature the products or services of nearby boutiques, spas, or beauty brands to cross-promote offerings on your digital signage displays, you can achieve one or both of these things:

  • You will make money selling advertising space

  • You attract new customers

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10. Create interactive quizzes and polls

Engaging customers is key to fostering a memorable salon experience, and interactive quizzes and polls on your salon's digital signage can do just that. 

By incorporating fun and informative activities, you can encourage interaction by inviting customers to participate in quizzes about hair care knowledge, vote on their favourite hairstyles, or provide feedback on their salon experience.

This creates a dynamic atmosphere and helps you strengthen customer relationships and differentiate your salon from the competition.

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11. Share user-generated content on a social media wall

A social media wall is a great in-store marketing tactic that can help increase customer engagement, foster brand loyalty, and spread brand awareness. You can display real-time social media feeds highlighting clients' posts about your business on your salon's digital signage screens. 

You may wonder how to make this happen. It's simple. Encourage clients to tag your salon on social media, use a dedicated hashtag, and then feature their content on digital displays to showcase real-life transformations and testimonials.

When prospective customers see that other people have had great experiences, they will be more likely to trust you with their beauty needs and visit your shop. 

If they see that other people have posted about your business, it increases the probability that they will also make a post.

This user-generated content can be an engaging experience for customers because they can make a post and see it pop up right on the social media wall in real-time. One added benefit of this tactic is that it shows that your business cares about what people have to say.

Takeaway: Optimise your salon with digital signage

Digital signage has revolutionised the way salon businesses engage with their customers. This modern technology is an effective promotional platform that enhances the overall ambience of a business premise. 

As the digital age progresses, salons that adapt and innovate will undoubtedly thrive. However, to get your hair business digital signage strategy right, you need the help of a great digital signage solution partner like Luna Screens

With Luna Screens, salon businesses can transform any screen into digital signs. You don’t need any previous experience or coding knowledge. With our editable digital signage content templates, you can quickly create and launch beautiful, impactful hair and beauty visuals and copies. 

Some of the benefits you will enjoy using our solution include adding text and pictures or choosing from our extensive library, determining the dates and times you want your content to display, deploying to a single screen or multiple screens in seconds, and updating your content anytime, anywhere, and as much as you wish.

Ready to transform your salon with digital signage? Explore Luna Screens’ cloud-based solution today.

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